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The expert linguists we are, we all take our words very seriously indeed. Together, we boast years of experience across a whole spectrum of industries and content types, in each of our 6 native languages.


We're now keen to share this experience, to highlight the numerous ways a sound, practical localisation strategy can contribute to the success of any online business and to create a space where linguists can give and receive useful information, tips and best practices.


Click on each of the 3 icons below to discover the different fields we specialise in and delve into in our blog and on our social media channels.

Our Linguistic Expertise

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Translation and Transcreation

Be it straightforward translation or more inventive transcreation, we have a nose for providing content that is the perfect fit for our business clients' needs, brand values and target audiences. Rather than an exact science, the recipe for striking the fine balance between following the original text and making it sound natural in our own language is more of a creative art form.


In all its shapes and forms, translation constantly strives to build bridges in our increasingly global world.


There are obvious similarities between transcreation and copywriting: The copywriter and the translator are both linguists who mould words to shape a new text. And so while we all started out as translators, we're all adept at leveraging our skills for copywriting projects, making the most of our way with words and our curiosity to learn about new topics through online research.

Our blog is our latest initiative in honing our copywriting deftness.

Quality Enhancement

Is a piece of content ever complete? This seems a fair question, if you consider all the ways a text can be enhanced, from indispensable post-editing of machine translations and final proofreading to more refined tasks aimed at boosting user-friendliness and online performance (A/B testing, keyword optimisation, UATs and audits, to name just a few).


When it comes to supporting online businesses, this is as an essential mission that linguists need to be able to successfully accomplish.

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Our Expertise: Content Types

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