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Launching… Launch in Translation: the United Collective of Linguists

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Welcome to our new initiative: Launch in Translation! A platform fuelled by the COVID-19 crisis and aimed at sharing our passion for and knowledge of translation and languages with fellow translators (though not exclusively!).

Launching Launch in Translation amidst stars, planets, rockets and astronauts

Let’s face it: No matter how we thought 2020 would turn out, it has undoubtedly defied all our expectations. The coronavirus crisis has disrupted our way of life in more ways than one, creating a lot of uncertainty but also, on the brighter side, fostering a host of new initiatives.

All of us at Launch in Translation had already been working together as linguists pre-COVID and refused to let a global pandemic put pay to our global collaboration. And so Launch in Translation was born, with one simple mission: to join forces, to bring together our passion, skills and expertise in order to share our experiences as translators and create interesting content relating to translation, transcreation and languages. From this mission statement stem a couple of essential principles that guide us on our journey.

A multicultural network of translators

Between all of us at Launch in Translation, we boast years of experience in providing content in some of the most common European languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, and, of course, English. From creative and inspirational to technical content, we've collaborated with a wealth of different industries, helping them develop their local markets and gaining in-depth knowledge of their individual style and terminology along the way.

However, we all felt that the profession of the freelance translator was lacking something that ultimately makes a big difference at work: collaboration. This was our opportunity to establish a network of colleagues in various languages, to allow us to discuss topics relating to our lifestyle, learn new skills from each other and even open a window into the tricks of our trade to non-linguists and businesses. And, of course, to talk about all those “geeky” translation and language anecdotes that no one else seems to find remotely funny or interesting, but we do.

Our blog, our voices

“So, where can I find all these multilingual anecdotes and read about your team’s personal experiences?” you might be wondering. You’ll be able to find all this content – and more – on our social media channels and, more importantly, our blog.

Our mission is to create this content together. Sometimes we might write individually about a topic that we're particularly passionate about, but sometimes we might also collaborate as a collective. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we meet regularly online and love nothing more than to throw out a topic and see what's on our minds. And then one of us simply puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to transform all our thoughts and ideas into words.

This is also our opportunity to write with our voice, rather than our clients’. Our opportunity to write freely, with no editorial brief. Our opportunity to write about whatever takes our fancy.

We’d love to chat more, so come and visit us at Launch in Translation soon! We look forward to taking you on a voyage into the wonderful – and sometimes whacky – world of translation and languages, and perhaps even welcoming you on board our collaboration!

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